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How to avoid Christmas burnout?

The offer of good company, team building, delicious food and free drinks can go on and on in December. These are all fun, tasty and exciting but we all must beware of a Christmas burnout. Becoming totally exhausted as your waistline balloons can leave you in a total mess to begin the New Year. Managing your Christmas celebrations without a burnout means a Happy New Year! Then you can return to work refreshed and ready to get started again!

Here are a few ways you can avoid a Christmas burnout:

  1. Plan early

    December is normally a hectic month for most businesses. It is always difficult to juggle between planning for the New Year and Christmas parties. A proper accounting system such as SQL Accounting or AutoCount would simplify your planning process by providing you with reports that makes sense. Start early so you can begin to enjoy the parties!

  2. Schedule breaks
    Regular breaks should be part of your daily routine! Sometimes it is just difficult but with a proper process in place, it is possible! Ideas and innovation will most likely happen when the mind has time to breathe, away from distractions like the relentless pursuit for sales.

    Take regular breaks by eating and drinking at regular intervals. Use this time as an excuse to leave your desk and get some fresh air or even just to stretch your legs.

  3. Learn to say “No”

    If you cannot say “No,” you are likely to get into trouble at work and at play. Being pragmatic is an essential leadership trait for small business owners. Learn to say no politely but do not make excuses.

  4. Get organized

    With deadlines and party invitations, it is important to organise your life outside of work as well as inside it. Apps like MindNode helps you to capture ideas and structuralise them so that it is easily digestible. Feeling organized helps to reinforce the feel of control and in turn generates confidence and flexibility when things go off course.

  5. Rebalance

    Time dedicated to get a good sleep, exercise and proper food is essential to avoid a burnout. Fresh air and an injection of nature is necessary to recalibrate your mindset.

Start organizing your thoughts and workloads today so you can have a joyful Christmas! Don’t let tedious paperworks stop you from having fun! Let us handle your accounting and even manage your business effortlessly with a proper accounting system like SQL Accounting or AutoCount!

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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