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Benefits of Outsourcing

Amongst SME companies, they do outsourcing as a business practice that involves a third-party service provider to handle certain tasks and situations of the company such as choosing to outsource accounting instead of getting their existing staff or hiring an accountant to handle these things. SME business owners put more effort and attention on their business growth. When it comes to HR or finance-related documentation, they pass it to the more experienced outsource company to handle. Here are some key points to take away about outsourcing in business.

Financial Saving

Outsourcing helps to reduce cost in an efficient way. When hiring an outsourcing company, it saves labour cost by 20% to 30% as you wouldn’t have to hire a new employee or to use your existing workers. By reducing the burden of employment law and to save recruitment costs, also including the reduction of HR and payroll administration and even from lower occupancy costs, this would result in a smaller headcount of employees.


Maintaining Operational Control

With outsourcing, the operations of the company can be more controlled with better management. In times when departments in some areas can’t be controlled or poorly managed such as having too many projects but the company is understaffed, outsourcing comes into bringing better management skills to your business.


Managing Risk

In any period of time where your company comes in an uncertainty causes in a business, outsourcing helps to fill in the gap. Outsourcing manages to provide a level of continuity while lessening the risk of the company falling due uncertain (something) such as the company being understaffed or an employee taking an extended leave while their assistant is leaving the job. With outsourcing, this gives you time to find a new employee without having to rush.


Advice From Expert

Getting a service provider to outsource your task is one thing but it can also give you advice for future references. Outsourcing service providers are experts in their own field. By learning how they work could be a learning factor for you as a business owner as well as for your employees. This promotes a company's growth in terms of skills and knowledge. With the advice from the experts, you can take that into consideration on educating your employees so that your business will have a lesser burden on small tasks.


Having to outsource your financial accounts could also be beneficial for your company. If you need any financial help, myconsult is here for you. Contact us for enquiries and we can help you find the perfect solution for your business.

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