BACKUPS… How frequent do you do them and where do you store them?


BACKUPS… How frequent do you do them and where do you store them?

Backups are basically what it is, a backup of things you might need if something happens. We won't realize how important they are until something like ransomware hits your server, or your hard disk crashes, or your phone got stolen. 

So how often do you do a backup?

From our survey, our clients do manual back-ups anything from a daily basis to clients who has never done a backup since our team installed the system. 

An ideal scenario really depends on the volume of transactions. We do recommend at least an alternate day backup for active companies while a weekly or monthly backup for companies with minimal transactions.

Now, where do you store your backup?

Most common practises would be to copy and paste to an external hard disk or pen drive. This is definitely one way. The thing with this is that if ransomware attacks the PC/server, any pen drive or hard disk would be infected as well. If an external disk is used, always make sure that it is unplugged.

To be safe, an off-site storage would be the ideal scenario to store those important files. Right now, clients opt for off-site storages like dropbox or google drive to store their backups.

What now?

With what we have currently, most accounting systems would be able to do a backup on a scheduler basis without user intervention. Click on the links below to learn how to set your system to do an automatic backup scheduler.

For SQL Accounting Backup Scheduler - Click here

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